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Finished and posted a couple reviews today thought I would share!

The Raven Boys by Maggie Stiefvater

So I picked this up from the library in anticipation of buddy reading it with some Goodreads friends. I really was not a fan of this. As a group it was hit and miss for different people. 2 because I made it to the finish stars. The first chapter was really compelling and I was super excited to be off on the adventure but it very quickly fell down hill for me. There was no world building, explanations, backstory, or sense really. The story itself was heavily dialogue focused and switched POV’s really frequently, while at the same time remaining monotone with hardly any emotion. The plot was jumpy and stilted and did not make much sense. There was no flow. Lastly, I couldn’t get involved enough to actually get to know the characters but they seemed to have no chemistry really…that may have to do with the weird POV switching.

Ok so we start off with Blue,our FMC, who comes from a family of psychics being told one day she would kiss a boy and it would kill him… no details on that. She avoids males at all costs due to this. On St Marks Day her mother and her visit a church where her mother can see all the souls of the people who haven’t yet died but are going to soon. The psychic “seeing” seems to have skipped Blue in the family tree but she seems to be able to influence and increase the abilities of others, however, on this night Blue sees a soul..It just happens to be a rich boy from an uppity school in town.. Gansey one of our male main characters..all of which are very odd, is obsessed with finding Ley lines, finding a hero of old who for some reason, Gansey believes is still alive only asleep, and waking them up? I guess? His reasons are unknown really. Blue thinks Gansey may be her true love either that or she is destined to kill him…but she helps Gansey find this Ley line..for…reasons I guess. From there, the very thin plot line with no real reasoning behind the goal progresses very, very slowly…

I don’t think any of my questions were answered throughout the story. The writing had this Sixth Sense type appeal without the delivery really. It was thoroughly confusing and didn’t make any sense to me. I made it through the book but I won’t be moving further anytime…

Insidious (The Marked Mage Chronicles, #1)

Grabbed this off KU. 3ish stars as it was pretty entertaining and I wasn’t daydreaming of finishing laundry during most of it. *wink* Promising start to the series, plenty of intrigue and action that kept me involved. I will say that it did seem like a fact dump when it came time for some splainin’, and it also seemed like not only did they hit her with every supernatural in the book, but they threw in the book as well. It did seem a little overwhelming for a few, but I pulled myself together. Character wise I’m not a super Kat, our FMC, fan but there is definitely some potential. She has come across as juvenile and a tad immature to me so far. Shes not quite whiny… but its kind of close. Personality wise she was kind of all over the place so I couldn’t really get on her wavelength…I feel like that was part of the plot though so I’m still on the fence. Reese our MMC I’m a huge fan of already, give me a Nerdy underdog and hes got me at hello lol!

Kat on a night out with her friends gets thrust into a whole new world of supernatural chaos when after a tragic car accident she miraculously makes it. Haunted by that night, not really remembering how she made it with not a scratch when she does remember the pain..she begins going through some physical, mental, and…magical changes. These send her into a tailspin of the “Am I crazies” and right into the arms of the school “weirdo” Reese. Reese is also not what he seems. As they try to find out what happened that awful night they discover and increase in demonic activity, murders, and someone is after Kat. Friends become enemies… and then maybe friends again as Kat tries to hold onto her humanity and also save the town.

I feel like the story line is interesting enough to maybe get me back for #2… especially with the happenings there at the end. We will just have to see.

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