Winter Wonderland @ the Brewery!

Winter Wonderland

So this past Saturday my husband and I along with some family went on an epic adventure. First off I must make mention that snow in the south is often quite a miracle, especially if it sticks around longer than an hour or two. We just don’t see it very often down here. Imagine my surprise when I was awoken early…on my sleep in day… to hear the kids excited exclamations of “snow” Saturday morning. Of course they were running through my room to get to our back upper deck…of course…I mean its not like anyone was sleeping. /sigh lol. Either way, the excitement of the kids made it impossible to go back to sleep, so we spent the morning playing in what little snow there was. We live in town…a very small town.. but the snow just doesn’t stick around in town, like it does outside of town.

Our sad snow angel!
Our tiny snow man we barely made before the snow melt.

In a stroke of luck my sister in law came to get the kids for a playdate! Score! So at that point we were left with the feeling like we have to go out..we never do get a chance to go out without children, but where? Luck was with us yet again when my other brother and sister in law suggested we ride with them for a night out at Prestonrose Farm and Brewing Company.

The drive out to Paris, AR was of course beautiful with the snow everywhere on the trees and hills!

I just can’t say enough about what an amazing experience this was! I recommend if your ever in this area that you must go here! The atmosphere is wonderful and friendly. The food was incredible…Really it was so good I forgot to take pictures of all the things we ordered and I only got a pict of the wings… We also ordered the Meat loaf, the Artisan Cheese Bread, and the Pimento Cheese…and The Apple Clafoutis and the Peaches and Cream Cake. Every single bit of it was amazing! We ordered a flight to get a sample of their different brews and I decided that coffee beer is FTW ya’ll! Simply amazing. These people are wonderful growing and sharing their farm with others and cooking these amazing organic meals! I just can’t recommend them enough and can’t wait to go back! Maybe I can pawn the kids off next weekend too…..

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