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Mark of the Brannon by Emma Shelford

Publisher: Createspace

Published: October 2014

Series: Breenan Series #1

Mark of the Breenan by Emma Shelford

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

This was a good, light, and enjoyable read! I felt like not only did the author give us a taste of a complex world I think it was done pretty well. I may be biased due to the fact that I love a fairy or fae book so I’m kind of a sucker. I think that this book had a little extra something, a little uniqueness that made it really enjoyable learning about the world. There were also some very unique concepts in the story that kept it fresh. I had absolutely no trouble falling right into the story. Honestly, I felt the author did a good job with the world building, during the first parts of the story I had absolutely no problem picturing every scene especially early in the book. I will say that once we “took a trip” so to speak that though I didn’t really feel like I couldn’t picture the scenes, there were a lot of places where there seemed to be a ton of information dumped on both the characters and the reader… the characters seemed to have no problems just going with it which may be a tad unrealistic… but hey its fantasy.. lucky for you tha’ts what I like.

I really liked our FMC Gwen who has a shy reserved personality throughout the most of the book but through her journey has started to really come out of her shell. Aidan, surprisingly I’m a little on the fence with. Its suprising because I switch book boyfriends at least twice a day. 😉 I really was into him up until we took a trip to the other world. For some reason, once we got there he seemed to kind of take a back seat… though he was there the whole time he didn’t really get to develop like Gwen did and by the end of the book I felt like he lacked intensity, especially since the other male characters in the book were super intense and mysterious. Even Bran, with his playful, class clown, bad boy thing he had going was higher on my list by the end of the book.

Our FMC, 18 year old college student Gwen, comes from a single parent home, constantly longing for her mother who after a brief session with her father, deposited a new born Gwen on his steps never to be seen again. Left with only a portrait drawn by her father, and the name Isolde, Gwen and her father have spent a lot of time searching for her with no luck. Not only does she not know her mother, she also has a problem when she gets over emotional, things happen with no explanation. In an unlikely spurt of adventurousness Gwen travels overseas to England for, what seems to be an exchange type program though it is not really described in detail. Cut to England, where Gwen and Ellie are learning about “British stuff.” On a trip around the local village and surrounding area Gwen comes into contact with some things that bring her “powers” to the surface which is both confusing and intriguing to her. Her we come to an area that was never explained nor did the story come back to it… The lady with the purple door. Unexplained mystery here. While exploring the local village they come to a pub and meet Aiden local bartender extraordinaire..but that isn’t the only stranger they meet. Ellie has an unexplainable draw to Corann and is fierce about her devotion right after meeting. Gwen is uncomfortable and wary of Corann. During a “ball” at the school Ellie is seen leaving with Corann and Gwen and Aiden decide to follow.. leading them on a journey they aren’t likely to forget. Gwen comes face to face with her past… and some new future possibilities.

All in all I thought the story was entertaining, and light making it a great quick read. I would definitely be interested to see what else is in store for Gwen in the series!

* I was given the opportunity to join the advanced reader team for this book through Book Sirens and the author Emma Shelford in exchange for an honest review. I would like to thank both for the opportunity! *

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