Book Stop – Prism Cloud

Prism Cloud by Jeff Wheeler

Publisher: 47 North

Publish Date: March 5, 2019

Series: Harbinger #4

Prism Cloud by Jeff Wheeler

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

“YOU’RE KILLING ME SMALLS!” Basically sums up my feelings at the end of yet another wonderful book in this series. I have given this 5 stars but as I have previously stated in some reviews etc, some authors need their own star chart. Prism Cloud for me was 4.5 stars on the Jeff Wheeler star chart because it didn’t quite get me like some of the Kingfountain series books did but it was still amazing! Really though I look at this like a continuation of the series’ I know and love instead of its own series! I am terrified of the next book. gulp

Jeff Wheeler does this to me in every series and I don’t know how he gets me every freaking time but it happens again and again. Like any other reader we form assumptions during the reading of the series… assumptions about how the plot line is going to either get to the end or end. We all do it, even if we know better, and every flippin time Jeff Wheeler puts a kink in my plans… Whether it be certain characters ending up together… or how a certain event fixes itself, or even whether or not a certain character proves to be friend or foe. Every time Jeff ruins my plans for his characters… How dare he right?! I know it sounds ridiculous really but come on… not Cettie!! I will say usually when this happens, and it has happened in every series the author usually works in out in a way that has me bowing to his superior knowledge…. I’m just hoping for the best!

In book #4 here the situation between kingfountain and the empire has hit explosive proportions. As Sera is becoming more involved and begins to have even deeper feelings for Trevon. Cettie has had a most disturbing vision of the future and her adoptive father is in extreme danger. Of course, Cettie has no idea who the bad guys are.. but we do.. and we watch as she makes some horrible decisions as decides who to trust, resulting in devastating consequences, and she becomes detached and forsakes her knowledge of the mysteries. Meanwhile through Lady Corinne’s masterful plotting and scheming we see Sera finally able to step into her birth roll, but now she doesn’t have to just save the empire, she must also save her husband and Kingfountain as well. The hetaera are rising and the plague of war is here! What is happening to my beloved people!!!! WHY!!!

Looking back through my “highlights” I have 5 with the “note” underneath saying “Noooo, Cettie, noooo.” I’m so torn up inside! How is the magician going to pull us out of this hat!!!?? Where is the next book? /cry!

I happily camped 47 North’s NetGalley collection in hopes to see this book come up and fangirl screamed when they thankfully allowed me to read and review a copy of this! All these opinions in the spazzy state they are, are of course mine.

“So near is falsehood to the truth that a wise person would do well not to trust themselves on the edge”

“Yes, though sometimes our empress will come up short, it is not because of her height or her stature but because of the awfulness of the task!”

I saw this on Goodreads the other day and wanted to share…

For more information head over here to Jeff Wheeler’s blog!

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