Book Stop – Moon Dance by J.R. Rain

Moon Dance by J.R. Rain

Publisher: Rain Press

Published: August 31st 2017

Series: Vampire for Hire #1

Moon Dance by J.R. Rain

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

Picked this up of KU as an audio to listen to while I was getting some stuff done. As an audio it wasn’t too bad. The narrator really portrayed the main character dryly so that may be reflected in my rating. Since I actually listened to the entire book I can’t say if the FMC was actually dry or if it was just the narrator. So, the reasons it really was only ok for me were both story line and world building related. I felt that the characters, at least the FMC who we spend the entire book with was pretty well rounded, and I really felt for her issues!

Our FMC Samantha, is a private investigator, mother of 2, wife, and vampire. That’s right, in a tragic accident 6 years ago Samantha was attacked and changed. Her life since then has been turned inside out and upside down and she seems to really just be trying to keep afloat. She works “the night shift” for clients who come to her. It looks like this series may be a case by case type detective series with a little twist on the supernatural. In this book Samantha takes on a case for a high profile defense attorney who has a history of getting his clients off on technicalities. Someone obviously had it out for our client as they attacked him in front of the court house and shot him 5 times in the face.. luckily and suspiciously he survived with no injuries and now he is looking for his attacker. As Samantha takes on and starts the case, her personal life ship starts to really sink and she learns more and more about the supernatural world she lives in as well as herself.

The world building was very confusing. I went back and checked 2x to make sure I actually had the first book. I could never figure out if we were in a world that was actually cognizant of the supernaturals around them or thought they were fictional characters still. This was for many reasons, we start with our FMC Samantha, knowing she is a vampire and living her life, taking her kids to school and parent teacher conferences etc. This, along with the fact that everyone she meets along her case points out her vampiric qualities, and actually seems suspicious she may be one makes me think the humans know… at the same time, they still act like they don’t know. They can’t figure out why a murder victim would be drained of blood, they are shocked when after 5 bullets to the face a man could still be alive, and flying “creatures” are mentioned in the tabloids and on the news like noone knows whats up… I’m so confused. I feel like this is a pretty super important part of the world building around Samantha, I really wish this was clearly explained better. I am going to assume they know nothing about the supernatural but that doesn’t quite feel right because no person in their right mind would come to the conclusion someone was a vampire instead of having a skin condition.

Story line wise, I felt most of the book was spent getting to know Samantha and the crap she has to deal with as a semi newly made Vampire with a life and family. We spent a lot of time inner monologueing sarcastically and cynically about her marriage. She also spends a lot of time ogling hot dudes… just so happens there are a lot of hot dudes popping about in her life lol. Though the detective aspect was interesting, I didn’t really get any wow moments or surprising clue breakthroughs to really get me super involved in that aspect. I felt like Samantha did really rely on her “extra” abilities so much that maybe I lost a little respect for her investigative skills. There were also some weird love… shapes.. Triangles? Squares? who knows that were not really worked out with defined enough lines for me. Lastly, though I may agree that Samantha take some distance from family life as she is being hunted, etc the way things are going down there do not sit well with me! I mean it was ok that Samantha basically single mom it while the husband is out boinking his secretary but as soon as they decide to call it quits on the marriage all of a sudden its supervised visits for moments at a time…… Nope!

I’m not writing this book and series off forever… I feel like giving the series a chance to wow me in the next book might be a good idea. I think for now though I’m good with just number 1, and may revisit later!

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