Reviews… To read or not to read. #reviews

I asked a fellow blogger Hellegade, who does a lot of author interviews, if she would ask her visiting authors how they approach their meh, or negative reviews! So excited to see all these wonderful author’s insights. I am of course a Kindle Unlimited Revolution warrior and I’ve seen so many of these author’s gracing my recommended lists. So I might have done my fangirl dance! I just want to say I appreciate Hellegade and these author’s for taking the time to speak about the topic!

Helle Gade


I recieved a question in a previous post and asked some authors to respond to it.



Lana Kole

I always read the negative reviews, and they bum me out. But then I’ll look at all the positive ones and they usually outweigh the bad, so I think to myself ‘you can’t please everyone.’ I’m always a little salty but I think of all the people that DID enjoy it and it makes me feel better.
If an author has a hard time with bad reviews, I would suggest not reading them. If they make an author unable to write, then there’s nothing to be gained by them. If they see it’s a 1 or 2 star, shrug, recognize you can’t make everyone happy, and then walk away without reading it.
I always tell myself not to look at reviews…

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