A TRUE Book Slump – When a book makes you want to stop reading forever.

A character in a book, hurt my feelings so much I took a break from reading..

So most readers have visited the Book Slump street before. On this street its almost like a reader can’t catch a break. Nothing seems interesting, or intriguing, and all the plot lines of every book we seem to pick up fall super flat. Instead of books being our escape, our happy place, they become work and all of a sudden instead of falling into the world created by the writer all we see are just the words on the page. I too have book slumps, fortunately for me, I read super fast and so usually can move in and out of a slump so fast its like that “street” becomes more of a blink and you will miss it type.

I myself have never been ashamed of any of the genre’s I read. I love fiction: fantasy, romance, scifi, YA, NA, Adult, childrens, you name it I love it and am super excited to talk about books and authors all day.. to the detriment of those around me even. I also want to say that not only have I never been ashamed of what I enjoy reading but in my meager blogging experience and my goodreads career I have found that a more accepting community is not to be had. The Blogging community is one of the best I have been blessed to experience, and more encouraging, caring, uplifting people I haven’t found yet!

All that being said. A character in a book, hurt my feelings so much I took a break from reading the other day. Granted it took me about 24 hours to smack some sense into myself and toss up that middle digit in said imaginary character’s way.. Afterwards I realized I must have been having a sensitive day or some such nonsense for it to have effected me in that way but allow me to explain.

This character was the MC in what was actually titled a Romantic Comedy. This male character was a writer desperate for publication of his magnum opus and in a fit of temper because no one would pick up the book he wrote what he called “drivel” as a sort of revenge against the man type scenario. This “drivel” ended up becoming a best selling book with agents chomping at the bit to get their hands on it for publication. This MC then proceeds to judge super harshly the genre of Romance and fantasy in general as well as the demographic of readers who love and live for the words in their books. I have experienced heightened emotions many many times in books, usually for or directed at the characters in the books. I have also experienced uplifted and motivational feelings from books that make me want to be a better person and touch me on a super personal level. I am not sure that I have ever been made to feel bad about myself by a character in a book before.. until this day. All of a sudden I realized that the irritation I felt at not being able to connect to books in the past wasn’t a true book slump. This my reader friends is the true meaning of Book Slump! A real slump is one that makes you want to pack up your toys and head to some other hobby. The real freaking deal, and though I didn’t allow it to last very long because lets face it that imaginary character can shove it, I was very surprised by how much that guy hurt my feelings personally, and made me feel anger at anyone talking smack about what I really love to do. Ironic that this character would be the MC in a “romantic comedy” as he seems more like a nasty villain.

I felt like I should take the time to share these thoughts and provide encouragement to those around me. Do what you love and don’t let the naysayers bring strife up in your bubble.. even if the naysayers are imaginary. Have any of you had a book or character that rubbed you so wrong you had to step away? Let me know!