Book Stop – ARC: Behesians by Isaiyan Morrison

Behesians by Isaiyan Morrison

Publisher: Self: Isaiyan Morrison

Published: December 6, 2018

Series: ??

Genre: Fantasy, Romance, Paranormal

Behesians by Isaiyan Morrison

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

This was a hard book to rate. I’m thinking 2.5 stars though I feel like there were certain aspects that I would have rated a 3 so I am going to round it up. There were multiple aspects about the story that I liked. I felt that the whole concept was fresh and had a pretty unique origination explanation but it really lacked some details to make it cohesive. This has the appearance of a standalone novel but this is far from over and must be a book in a series.. and if I’m honest this read like a continuation or spin off of a series. I could not seem to shake the feeling that I fell right off in the middle of some on going story where the details and the world building itself happened long ago. I will say that there was enough information for a reader to make some generalizations or guesses to fill in the blanks so to speak…well most of them I think. What world building and backstory we did get here seemed a little repetitive and the same information was thrown at us again and again but never expanded to answer my questions. The characters told the story of how Vain ended over, and over, and over but we never really found out the entire why? or what was trying to be accomplished, and honestly there was no definitive on the who was responsible, it never honestly came out. I also had issue with several of the concepts of the Behesians having the same problem.. though the book talks about Bridging repeatedly.. and I gathered from the reading its like “mating”.. maybe? The concept was never explained in detail, nor did it seem surprising that Cassidy was bridging with multiple people?

Character wise I felt a disconnect with every character because I didn’t feel like we ever got enough details about any of their stories, or at least enough details for me to really bond with them. This may have to do with the overwhelming amount of character viewpoints. For example the story never went into detail about Darrien, one of our Male MC’s what his and Milan’s, another Male MC story seemed to be because it seemed they were friends at one point, nor why Darrien thinks he can never bridge with someone. The truth is I wasn’t a fan of any of the characters looking back.. Ava especially.. Omg that girl went on and on and on with her anger and grudges, hate, and total selfishness. I couldn’t stand her at all. Cassidy, our FMC, was naive, whiny and kind of pathetic, and we honestly didn’t even stay in her viewpoint long enough for me to have any sort of grasp on her personality, her wants in life, her dreams.. did she even have friends? hobbies? What even is her last name? Same as her father’s maybe? who really knows. This was a little disheartening for me as the reader because in this world that I’m unfamiliar with I can’t even seem to put my faith in our supposed heroine to lead me through.

The book kicks off after the short prologue with Cassidy on her birthday, after about 5 mins in her head I was already not a fan. She seemed like the really moody, depressed, antisocial, unappreciative teenager. Not really someone I could even say I would want to be friends with irl. Cassidy hates her birthday and runs through the whole drama mama cycle as her “family” tries all day to seemingly make this a great day for her.. I don’t think the book ever says why she hates her birthday, but I assumed its because she believes her mother died while giving birth to her.. but that could be wrong. This is one of the examples of the little holes the reader must figure out or make assumptions for themselves about. Another thing that kind of threw me, is at one point at the very beginning of the story Sara is referred to as her “stepsister” and later is referred to as her “half sister” but neither is ever explained like where Sara’s mom is etc, no info is given. While out and about on her birthday Cassidy and her “sister” run into Elijah and Darrien who seem to have some beef with each other and noone really finds it weird that Elijah’s coffee cup catches on fire during the altercation. Later Elijah shows up at Cassidy’s house with a completely unbelievable story casting everything in Cassidy’s life under scrutiny and basically telling her she is living a lie. From this point starts our adventure which mostly consists of a bunch of bickering and fighting and very little actual explanations on what in the world is going on and what anyone’s end goal is. Eventually we are left on the run, with really no more explanation that we began and a bunch of characters who’s in all honesty decisions make little or no sense to me.

All in all I never got close to DNFing this book, it made enough sense to keep me going and the concept was interesting enough for me to really want answers but it just lacked cohesiveness, a backstory I could understand and get behind, as well as at least one character that I really could bond with and get to know. These all may come later.. who knows as I am not quite sure if this is supposed to be a series or not.

* I received an advance copy of this book through BookSirens via the author in exchange for an honest and voluntary review.*

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Bookstops…and then some..

So we have been having wonderful weather in our neck of the woods… or town w/e, lately, and so I have been running train on some audio’s that fit our Goodreads group challenge “Gimme a V” for this month, all the while I knock out my seemingly never ending honey “do this or else” list. I’ve become aware of multiple things…

1. My beloved huskies Jake and Jax are sick and tired of winter, it being too cold to get in our “long” walks, as evidenced by the multiple holes dug in the back yard and the several successful escape attempts over the past week or two.

2. The search for audios on KU when I need a quick fix is getting harder and harder.

Therefor in light of these discoveries, I have started a list of KU audio’s that I super enjoyed and hope that I can con some of you guys to into pointing me in the direction of more, and also we over the last couple days have gotten in some good long walks with the boys, and I got pictures…

Jake and Jax my beautiful fur babies!

I also got some pictures of my husband and his idea of “walking the dogs.” I can see now why one of the wagon wheels are bent….

Either way with the walks and the chores I got in some audio and snuck in some reading time (hiding in the bathroom). Here are a couple new reviews:

Siege and Storm by Leigh Bardugo

Publisher: Henry Holt and Company

Published: June 4th 2013

Series: The Shadow and Bone Trilogy #2Grishaverse

Genres: Fantasy, YA, Romance

Siege and Storm by Leigh Bardugo

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Really I’m thinking 3.5 for this continuation because I was on the cusp of loving it, honestly, I’m just ready for some end game here. I’m a little discouraged at the end of this book, we need something good for morale. I will say that the addition of certain quirky, sarcastic and charming princely characters really was necessary for some intermittent humor and the occasional pick me up. Though it did turn a little darker, I don’t necessarily agree with others that it was all Alina, honestly I feel like we take a turn after the first book and we are left with almost no hope for a while. Alina spends a lot of this book coming to grips with herself basically, she is still on that “I want a normal life” train for a lot of this book. Despite the Darkling and Nikolai and so many other people really needing her to step up she is clinging to Mal and her old life so hard it gave the book kind of a depressing feel as she battles through that.

In this second book of the GrishaVerse series. Alina and Mal don’t last long on their own. Alina suppressing her power once again begins to turn her back into the sickly wafe she was before she discovered it, and Alina is having a really hard time dealing with some self inflicted guilt over the occurrences in the last book. Recaptured by the Darkling, they soon discover that he has plans to make Alina even more powerful, maybe even into something else, and he has a whole new bag of intimidating tricks. While fighting for the next amplifier, they escape with the help of my new favorite character in this series. The dashing, clever, charming, and entirely ridiculous privateer Sturmhond and his crew of misfits turn the tide on the darkling and help Alina escape, to be taken to his “client.” Agreeing to head back to the kingdom in order to save Ravka, Alina and Mal are shocked and dismayed to find out the Privateers actual identity, Nikolai Lantsov, yadda yadda, etc etc. AKA big fat lying sack of…. ahem. Alina and Nikolai ally up, and the king agrees to let Alina command what is left of the Grisha.. which is a whole lotta headache in itself. They await the Darkling’s next move, while they uncover the identity of a third amplifier and come closer and closer to Alina’s true purpose… albeit maybe too late…..

Though I can’t say we are left on a cliffhanger, truthfully we are left with some shocking information from Alina, and a super uncertain future. Who knows where this adventure is headed next. I do hope Alina comes into some self confidence before the next book and goes ape crap all over some Darkling…. but we shall see…

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The Vanishing Girl by Laura Thalassa

Publisher: Skyscape

Published: August 19th 2014

Series: The Vanishing Girl #1

Genres: NA, Romance, Fantasy, Scifi, YA

The Vanishing Girl by Laura Thalassa

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I need to start off by saying I listened to the audio, which was available on KU, while knocking things off my honey do list. I thought the narrator Rachel Vivette did a great job. She has one of those voices where I spent most of the book trying to figure out what other books I’ve listened to her narrate but couldn’t figure it out lol. I’m not sure if its the story line itself that kept me from loving this or the intense unfairness of this whole situation. I liked the book, it was interesting, had a kind of syfy feel, and was unique, I just couldn’t seem to reconcile the fact that there was some genetic tampering to increase defiance in our FMC, and yet we are just being played like a pawn.

FMC, Ember, discovered at puberty that she is different from everyone else. As soon as she goes to sleep for brief intervals she teleports somewhere else. Starting off in the story, this was a tad confusing and a little jarring because there really isn’t alot of information about this or any backstory really but we slowly get more and more answers as well as uncover all kinds secrets as the plot progresses. Lately during her teleportation episodes she has wound up in strange places with strange and sometimes disturbing written instructions on her person. During one of her more strange episodes she breaks into a safe, and just knows she is going to be busted for it. However, the next day to her astonishment just when she thinks she is going to jail, her mother breaks down and tells her she has been apart of a government program since conception, in fact this program is what caused her conception to even be possible, and now she has to pay for it via military service. Immediately she thinks to run but has no shot against this caliber of military and she finds herself in a group home, military school, type setting with almost no hope of escape, but she has finally found others with abilities like hers. Apparently she has been genetically engineered to be a weapon and now its time to do her thing. As she becomes more oriented to her tasks, she slowly discovers more and more about this program and the people who run it and becomes horrified by some of the things she finds, while at the same time she becomes closer and closer to her “pair” Caden…/sigh. Ember begins playing a dangerous game of discover and expose all the while trying to keep her and Caden from becoming one more file in a growing list of teleporters dead due to “splicing,” and each mission gets more and more dangerous but maybe not as dangerous as home base….

Character wise, though Ember did start to grown on me, I really wasn’t a huge fan of her for a lot of the story. She’s very hostile and negative for most of the story and it comes across as immature at times. Caden on the other hand… comes across as almost too perfect with his super human everything and soft sensitive side… Give the dude some flaws already… geez. Secrets and reveals come a little slow here which had me at the “omg I’mma pull my hair out” stage frequently lol. The story line also didn’t give very much time to really know and develop the characters and relationships due to missions and sleuthing etc. I think I personally, would have been more invested if maybe I had more of that.

All in all, I felt it was an interesting, and pretty entertaining read but it was just missing a little something that really captivated my heart so, to speak. I would, however, like to see where its headed so I’ll probably eventually pick up book 2… but I’m not beating down the book store door.. yet.

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