Book Stop – Why Choose Valentine, rating: R of course!

Next year during February I will definitely put on my calendar to devote the month to the reverse harem revolution lol. I wish I had thought of it sooner. As we close in towards Valentine’s day I see myself leaning way more towards the romance section of my TBR and find myself rereading past loves.

Crimes of Cupidity by Raven Kennedy

Crimes of Cupidity: A Fantasy Reverse Harem Story by Raven Kennedy

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Published: January 31, 2019

Series: Heart Hassle #3

Genre: RH, Romance, Fantasy

“Now, pull on your big girl panties and ovary-it up. We’re mates, and we have a war to win.” 

Coffee Mug Material!

Ridiculousness to the max! Our favorite cupid Emelle’s mess continues as she desperately tries to grab herself a tiny piece..ahem of happily ever after of course, and the cure for all that ails her is a little vitamin “D”! It is amazing to me how Raven Kennedy keeps the raunchy humor going full force and still keeps a captivating story moving along in its madness! I’m pretty sure she is my idle! I am also pretty sure that I have highlighted a million one liners from this book to put on coffee mugs to brighten my day! I want to say I’m too mature to laugh at the ridiculousness but I’d be lying.. I’m pretty sure at one point I had coffee spew from my nose.. I may now have a sinus infection…

“Emelle’d,” Evert explains. “It’s when someone gets struck silent from the crazy ass words that come out of your mouth.”

Emelle finds herself sucked back to cupidville to face the consequences of her lack of cupid skills but in a twist she winds up being “boss bitch.” “Whoops.” Even still, the cooperate life isn’t for her so back to the fae world to find her yummy mates, but something is wrong. She has been gone longer than expected and their whole plan has been ruined. The princess is captured, the evil Prince is gaining ground, and Okot… our precious “beloved” doesn’t even recognize us other than as the enemy… Not to mention Ronark has gone feral and seems to need to be house broken. I just couldn’t even with this! I was dying…. Even the “Horney Hooker” isn’t safe from the love arrows in this book. Luckily he just might get his “shot” in the next series..

I watch as Ronak gyrates his hips a bit, and I narrow my eyes. Is he…? Yep. He’s drawing a dick on the carpet with his urine. A piss dick pic. It’s actually kind of impressive.

Once again a thoroughly entertaining read with the randomness continuing and the quest for love never ending!
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Dirty Alphas by Alexa B. James and Angelina Avery

Dirty Alphas: A Reverse Harem Urban Fantasy Romance by Alexa B. James and Angelina Avery

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Publisher: Indep Published

Published: December 14, 2018

Genre: RH, Fantasy, Paranormal

Whaaaaattttt! 3.5ish almost just rounded it up… l have to be legit honest, I accidentally downloaded this of KU.. like it was for real an accident and I went immediately to correct my mistake and find something to download in its place when I started to feel guilty for not giving it a chance. Let me first say, I’m not a fan of the cover, to me, it looks a tad on the cheesy side. Reverse harems are hit or miss with me. I find it amazing that author’s even attempt them, I mean it must be difficult to create chemistry between 2 characters let alone between 2+ characters and give them all some sort of dynamic all the while trying to make a story take place. There in lies the problem for most RHN I give a try.. the story gets lost in a bunch of eye rolling smut.. most of the time. Also, I find it hard to believe that a woman would want to take on more than one dude.. permanently lol. I mean realistically…that’s all the more dishes, laundry everywhere, shavings in the sink…. but its fantasy.. so I roll with it lol.

This book was surprisingly good, I did feel like there was quite a few plot holes, and some confusion on the world building that kept me from absolutely loving it but the story was prominent not the smut which is hands down a winner for me in the RH genre. So the blurb itself gave us more backstory and world building than the actual story did.. I almost felt like this was a sequel or a spin off or something, and it also didn’t feel like the story was over though this episode concluded pretty nicely. The book also started us off in a really confusing situation with no preparation and it didn’t go on to explain said situation till much later in the book.

Scarlet our FMC, starts of seemingly kidnapped by a madman, Jacob Knight, not only is he a madman but he is the alpha of her wolf shifter pack. He wants to force her and her wolf to submit to him after forcing her into marriage all the while holding her family hostage. During their tussle Scarlet is gravely injured and though as a human she works out a deal that in exchange for her family’s freedom, her wolf refuses to submit and rips out his throat. Her father runs in seeing what has happened and that pack alpha has transferred to Scarlet, but they know they are in trouble because it wasn’t won legally through challenge. There was no in depth preparation or backstory explaining the laws governing the shifters and magical creatures.. which was a little confusing. So Dad and Scarlet hide it and Dad poses as Alpha so Scarlet can have a normal life, all the while Scarlet must keep her wolf hidden so no one notices it is an alpha… Until a year later when Scarlet must return to the pack because Dad can no longer keep up the pretense with Scarlet so far away.. The governing “council” for the wolves have already sent 3 alphas of their own to take the pack away to keep it strongly out of Fae grasp, 3 other Knight brothers, who instantly have a connection with Scarlet despite her non dominant status in the pact.. of course Scarlet already is in deep with the Fae her best friend being a Fae prince.. The 3 Knight brothers aren’t the only ones skulking around however, someone else is out to get Scarlet, someone very dangerous…

It was a pretty enjoyable read for me and I flew through the book really despite all the holes. I dodged them pretty well and just kept on going. I am left wondering about all the possibilities… kind of wish there was more to answer all my questions.
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Gypsy Freak by Kristy Cunning

Gypsy Freak by Kristy Cunning

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Publisher: Indep.

Published: January 4, 2019

Series: All The Pretty Monsters #2

Genre: RH, Paranormal, Fantasy

2.5 stars.. rounded up… grudgingly. I was super excited to get in to this book after enjoying the first one so much.. Unfortunately if it wasn’t for the last 25% of this book I would have given up on this series completely! For at least the first 35% it was written so random, and with absolutely no cohesion what so ever that I was constantly going back to reread things just because I couldn’t even figure out whose viewpoint I was in.. I was so lost. Not only all that, but Anna… wtf. Your going to go and take my most favorite sister from another mister out of this story… I don’t even know… Finally after 75% of the book the author finally starts making sense.. and it wasn’t like things just came to light that made the whole book make sense, it was like the writing started actually making a cohesive picture and I was finally able to get into the story. Book 2 was just a train wreck until 75%.. in fact if I were to do it over again, I might just read book 1, the last 25% of book 2 and then jump right into book 3 because I don’t even think the reader would actually miss anything doing it this way..

So at 75% all the bickering, and long winded explanations that don’t actually explain anything, as well as all the vague posturing, and petty disputes over Violet, and mind games that play at being clever but are actually just quite annoying stop.. for the most part, and we really start getting some answers. After fighting between the wolves and vampires because of Arion coming out early escalate, and groups of wolves are found dead, Violet finds herself caught in the middle. Emit is then captured and as the perpetrators come forward and reveal their plans.. Violet demonstrates her ..”resilience” as well as why she should never, ever, panic.

I’m really hoping book 3 starts out where book 2 leaves off and we don’t have to go through this mess again and we can really get some answers. Crossing my fingers..

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Gypsy Origins by Kristy Cunning

Gypsy Origins by Kristy Cunning

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Publisher: Indep

Published: January 25, 2019

Series: All The Pretty Monsters #3

Genre: RH, Fantasy, Paranormal

Ok, so this book was in fact much, much better than book 2, however, I feel like now we have entered into one of those stories where random things are thrown in to cover up the plot holes, and now the story is just kind of way out there and seems like it is going to go on for freaking ever…. Yea its a travesty because I really felt like we were working with something great but it is now kind of all over the place for me, and Anna is still gone…. In all actuality, even though now we know a lot more about the situation, it took basically the whole book while we watched each characters individual reactions to the information.. and of course the bickering continues. *eye roll. I can’t help but feel like we are getting tiny snippets of story and a whole lot of useless filler… Progressing at a slow roll most of the time.

The other problem for me, is unfortunately Violet just really isn’t the most like able character. She is just meh for me, so the dragging it out is not helping, and its like the author is trying to force some humor or something on her and it is just awkward. I don’t know the pieces just aren’t fitting together very well and its like they just decided to hammer them in and roll with it.

So…. in short.. there were a couple of reveals.. that took the entire book to finally make it around to everyone… Violet has decided the to bring back the witch.. and then bam cliffhanger and a supposed threat from someone who is supposed to be dead? At least that is where I’m at.

In truth it was better than book 2, in that it at least made some kind of sense, but I’m not about this dragging stuff out forever. I like to feel like we got somewhere after reading like 400 pages.. just saying. I don’t know whether to be on the lookout for book 4 or not.. might wait till books 5-10 come out just in case I need to skip a few to get to the end *wink.
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